NESCAB is committed to making this website accessible to all users, regardless of circumstances. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this website, or if you have difficulty using any part of it, please contact us.

Standards compliance

We strive for our website to conform to World Wide Web Consortium accessibility standards. Although it is not always possible to do so in all areas of the website we will continue to try to ensure all areas of the site do conform.

Changing the Size of the Text

Some users might find it easier to read this site by adjusting the size at which text is displayed. To change the text size – up or down – click on one of the four A symbols in the blue bar at the top that corresponds with your preferred text size.

To set the text size back to the default, click once on the second A symbol.

Customising your computer

You can customise your computer to enable you to get the best from it, including how to alter browser and screen size resolution. AbilityNet is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology. They and the BBC have developed a set of guidelines, My Computer My Way, which can help you.

Accessibility software

  • JAWS is a screen reader for Windows. A time-limited, downloadable demo is available.
  • Lynx is a free text-only web browser for blind users with refreshable Braille displays.
  • Opera is a visual browser with many accessibility-related features, including text zooming, user stylesheets and image toggle. A free downloadable version is available. It is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and several other operating systems.

Please note that these links are placed here only for your convenience only and not as an endorsement of either product or software.

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